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Missing Our Meetups

Missing Our Meetups

Las Vegas, NV
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Good morning world! We have both made it to today. I wonder what the day has in store for us.

To be honest, I don’t know how to start off today’s entry.  For the past bit of time, we’ve been racing around family functions and meetups.  Now that’s all done for the next couple of months.  In one way, I feel a bit depressed its all over, yet excited about the next six months of travel.

So far, our travels have taken us to states and areas already familiar to me.  Not much new, per se, just a revisiting to old haunts.  The visits have been refreshing, as I was needing a good fill up from my roots.

From Vegas, we start to head north to parts unknown.  Or at least, unknown to us.  Its exciting to think of all the places we have yet to visit.  Our wall map has the whole top section of the country unmarked by RV travels.   States without a single line drawn through them are our candidates for future travel.

Its just going to be Steve and I and the two dogs until late May when Tara flies out to visit. I really can’t wait to see her.  Its been 5 months  – and it feels like forever ago when I gave her a tight, tearful hug goodbye.  There are just some things in life where there’s no substitute or surrogate for.  A daughter’s tight squeeze is one of them.  No matter how cute and adorable Puddin is!

The dinner last night with Jeanette & Richard was refreshing.  Jeanette and I fell right into our old high school routines – talking a mile a minute – sometimes over each other – as we were both excited to share so much!  She is still in touch with the old gang in school, so it was great to get the scoop you can’t find on Facebook.  They were a lovely couple, and just like us, one is quiet and reserved, and the other is the social butterfly.  It was easy to see why we were such good friends in school.

Parveen is much the same way, the biggest social butterfly I’ve ever met – not always a good thing.  I find myself, on occasion, pulling her bac so she has time for self-care.  Being on the road offers nothing but time for self-care.  Since we don’t live in on place, we aren’t bombarded with invites to attend this or that.

Its not that we have become anti-social, its just the nature of people we are around daily has changed.  We easily fall into a pop-up bonfire with neighbors quite often, and get the opportunity to drink, tell tall tales, and hear what others are going through.

Parveen’s tutorial of keeping things on the calendar at least a month out is constantly revisited.  July and August are bare with any family or friend visits.  Maybe that will change.