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Beaumont, CA
47° / 70° Sunny
TODAY’S RV PARK: Cherry Valley RV Park
OUR RATING: 4 Stars because it was convenient off the highway, super cell signals, full hookups, nice friendly staff, and great county park within a 5 minute drive
PRICE: $13/day with RPI membership

Since this journal is about travel, let’s start today’s entry off with yesterday’s RV related snafu.

After taking the dogs to that GREAT dog park yesterday afternoon, we came back inside to wash up and get ready to bathe the dogs.  But when we turned on the water – only air came out!  No water.  Just pressurized air.  Oh No!

Steve ran outside to check the hose hookups – and only air coming out of the spigot too.  Our neighbors were outside stooped over their spigots with the same problem.  The RVs across the way from us had water just fine.  (lucky ducks!)

Panicked, Steve took off to find a park ranger – no small feat since it was after 4pm when most of the park employees go home.  In today’s case – for the weekend.

After piddling with the faucets and spigots for an hour – Steve finally gave up trying to save the day.  He looked so defeated when he came back in and said “Dry Camping Tonight!”  Which translates to no doggy baths and turn off the ice maker.  Small sacrafices to save our water for potty breaks.

Peanut didn’t mind.  Puddin sulked as she loves her baths, or anything to do with water really.

Our second snafu came at the same time.

Upon checking in, we asked the ranger if it was possible to extend our stay 3 nights, but we weren’t sure yet.  They said “Yes, just let us know when you decide.”  Yesterday, we decided.

Upon returning to the RV park after a romp with the dogs yesterday, I stopped to talk with the park ranger and requested the extra 3 nights.  She said I needed to call our RPI membership first for pre-approval.  It was nearly 4pm (PST) and I doubted anyone was still working at RPI.  I said as much to the ranger.  She just shrugged and said “it didn’t matter because she closed her register for the day.  You’ll have to come back on Sunday and work it out with my manager Stephanie when she comes back to work.”  She obviously wasn’t going to do any more work today.

I went home and called RPI right away, my gut said to do it right there in front of the Ranger and up them on the phone together.  But modesty took hold and I went home to make the call in private.  Sure enough, somebody at RPI answered!  She was able to give me the pre-approval for the 3 nights, but first had to call the park to arrange things and ensure they could accommodate us.

By now, I suppose you can guess that park worker had already bugged out for the day.  RPI wasn’t able to finalize the arrangements.  There’s always tomorrow, the day we are due to leave.  Except RPI is closed on the weekends.

The RPI rep assured use that she’s more than willing to back date things in her system on Monday if the Park would let us stay until then, which we can’t find out until Sunday when the manager Stephanie is in and can make the go-ahead call.

Good Grief!  The drama.

The KOA deposit already paid for those 3 nights is looking pretty good about now.