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Cincinatti, OH
Always homemade and fresh from scratch.
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Two – Two Pound Lobsters bought from the live wells at Jungle Jims grocery store in Cincinatti, OH. Steve split the lobsters, cleaned them and broiled them, then brushed with Lemon Garlic butter.

Steve’s Lemon Garlic Butter is the bomb! He used the hand-rolled Amish butter from Wisconsin, and seasoned with freshly minced garlic and both squeezed and grated lemon zest.

Upon plating, my very loving husband, and lobster chef extraordinaire, also pre-cracked my claws and little lobster legs. Nair a nail get dirty eating these delicious lobsters.

Grilled Shrimp – see previous post about these awesome shrimps

Grilled Asparagus – Ok, remember how I mentioned in an earlier post about the seafood section being huge? Well, the produce section is the size of it’s own warehouse full of crated fresh vegetables. These little sprigs came off a clearance shelf. We paid $0.99 for two bundles since we were cooking them that night. Gotta Love Jungle Jims!