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TODAY’S RV PARK: Whiskey Flats RV Park
OUR RATING: 4 Stars – a clean rv park along a busy highway, wifi is ok for email only
PRICE: $144/week FHU

A very long work day today. Very monotonous end of quarter administrative tasks choked out most of the day. Highlighted by a Toastmaster Zoom meeting and a client onboarding session.

Let me introduce you to my Toastmaster group and the integral role it plays in our RV life.

Toastmasters Hybrid Meeting circa 2020

Toastmasters Hybrid Meeting circa 2020

I joined Toastmasters 5 years ago to improve my public speaking skills.   At the time I was speaking on behalf of clients in various PR settings and felt they deserved a polished voice.  I certainly achieved that goal and after 5 years of continuous work, I feel confident behind a mic, on a stage, or 1-on-1 with anyone.  Toastmasters has a terrific curriculum, evaluation process and even speech contests.  No matter where your speaking confidence is on the spectrum, there is an opportunity for you to grow.  I certainly have.

About 6 months into Toastmasters, Parveen joined the club too.  We quickly hit it off through our mutual love affair for life long learning.  We both share high pursuits at work and play, and discovered that we enjoy how we critique each other toward improvement.

The first 3 years of Toastmasters stretched my comfort zone as I learned how to master the lectern in various settings.  With Parveen in tow evaluating my professional presentations, I got better.  I was in her tow too, evaluating her medical presentations.  A true win-win and we were expanding our speaker platforms.

Then COVID hit.

COVID began the slow, and eventual death of social organizations and the sudden death of social gatherings.  Speaking gigs stopped.

Toastmasters, like every organization on the planet, immediately moved to Zoom.  Gone were the sideways glances and snickers to people in the room – and in came chat feeds.  Or, for more personal chats, smartphone texting with others in the Zoom room.

The Brady Bunch square became our new stage.  We began evaluating each other on our use of the Zoom screen as a substitute for the obligatory Stage Presence evaluation.  This weekly, constant sharpening of the saw, made most of us phenomenal speakers in Zoom.

At work, I had started getting compliments on how I showed up in client Zoom meetings.  Most people sit on their hands and don’t move.  How boring!  Get your point across more effectively by raising those hands to your face and into your Zoom screen.

The most important aspect, especially of late, was having our social club meet weekly.  If for no other reason than a wellness check and to socialize.  During COVID, those meetings fed the soul.  During RV life, they keep me grounded and connected.  I love you guys!