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Hawthorne NV
27° / 50° Sunny ☀
TODAY’S RV PARK: Whiskey Flats RV Park
OUR RATING: 4 Stars – a clean rv park along a busy highway, wifi is ok for email only
PRICE: $144/week FHU

It just dawned on me, that I can go days without stepping outside. Not exactly highly unusual since I’ve always lived and worked under the same roof, even before it was COVID-cool.

Before COVID, I deliberately put events on the calendar to force myself to go outside and socialize.  Puppy obedience school, doggy daycare, take human daughter to human school (aka college), get groceries, attend various networking events and once a week, date night with Steve and a day with Parveen.

COVID killed most of that, actually the entire list except groceries.

Now that we are on the road and Steve is taking a well-deserved hiatus from laborious work, he’s in charge of all the household errands including the laundry.  Which leaves me virtually no reason to go outside – especially when its 40° out there!  Brrrrrrr

no-smokingSteve is a smoker.  Always has been.

He’s somewhere between a habitual smoker and a chain smoker.  For those of you who count this in packs, he’s a pack every other day.   Since I don’t allow him to smoke inside our fancy new RV, he has to face whatever weather we are in if he wants to puff on his cancer sticks.  As long as he’s out there for 4-6 minutes, say 8 times a day, I think its only fair that he lets one of the dogs tag along too.  That just seems to be the frequency one of them needs to pee.  Don’t you think?

But that now leaves me without any single good reason to go outside except my own personal need to smell the fresh air and stretch my legs.

I decided back in Vegas to take both a morning and evening walk with Puddin.  That was working out great when it was 70° in the am.  Today’s thermometer showed 40° while the coffee was brewing.

The new exercise goal can wait.